Strawberry Rhubarb + Honey Galettes


Summer is slowly inching it's way into Seattle and I realized a while back I've never actually baked with Rhubarb. I've also never baked a galette, although I've seen them all over the place and didn't exactly know what their deal was. Since I started this blog, I spend even more time on Instagram looking through all of the amazing baking blogs, hoping to learn how to be a better blogger/baker/picture taker and also to find inspiration when I'm not sure what to bake next.

I recently stumbled upon @bread_babe's instagram/blog and found some tasty looking recipes including this one! I made some minor changes to it because I wanted to use a vanilla bean pod and add strawberries. I followed her recipe except halved everything, added some strawberries and added fresh vanilla bean seeds to fruit mix. I used a 4in round cutter and ended up with 7 galettes, although I had some extra dough to make more but ran outta my cheese mixture so I tossed it.

Please visit her page here for recipe, below are photos from my process :)
I hope you enjoy, and give BreadBabe's blog some love!